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Lupon Ragnarok Online is a community of RO gamers from the Lupon ng WomboXCombo. It aims to provide the competitive gaming experience for players through a Pre-Renewal Ragnarok Server focused on PVP-BG and GVG with tons of quests for everyone to enjoy.
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GM Tyrael

Streamer's Program

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Lupon Ragnarok Online Streamer's Program


What is Streamer's Program?

It is a content creation initiative of LuponRO, it aims to give incentives to players who stream in-game content about LuponRO. Both the streamers and the players will get benefit from this. It helps the server grow by providing other players to see what's happening inside the game. It also helps build community inside the game. We aim to be a platform of content by helping streamers.


What do I get?

Recognized streamers will get the following:

  • 20 Hours of stream = 7x Proof of Donations, 1x 7 Days Rental Halter, 50x Wombo Coins, 500x War Badges, 50x Wombo Boxes (For follower prizes)
  • 15 Hours of stream = 5x Proof of Donations, 1x 7 Days Rental Halter, 50x Wombo Coins, 500x War Badges
  • 10 Hours of stream = 3x Proof of Donations, 50x Wombo Coins, 500x War Badges



  • 3 hours per day stream (if you play longer, that's okay, but we will only count 3 hours)
  • 1.5 hours minimum per day
  • Weekly Payment (via RODex in-game after verification of streams)
  • There should be a LuponRO rotating banner inside the stream (download it here)


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the minimum followers?
    • NONE! When successfully recognized, you may now start streaming ang build your own streaming community through the help of LuponRO
  • Do I need to have a specific layout?
    • No, but we require you to show the rotating banner of LuponRO in your streams!
  • Do I need a webcam?
    • No, but it's better when players can see you reactions
  • Do I need a page for this?
    • No, you can use your own profile, but If you have existing page with followers, it's also okay.
  • Can I give rewards in my stream?
    • You can do anything you want, we will give you 50 Wombo Boxes to be given as a giveaway for your followers.


How to register:

  1. Fill-out the Google Sheet by clicking here
  2. Download the rotating LuponRO Banner and put in your stream, download it here
  3. Wait for GM's feedback on your application. We will contact you using your e-mail
  4. Once approved, your name will be added to the Recognized streamers below, and you may now start streaming on your registered profile.


Recognized Streamers:

This part will be updated once a streamer is recognized

  • SaliganGaming
  • Touchscreen Warriors
  • GamingThof
  • Off-grid Cyber Lounge - Rogues and Assassin Lair
  • AndoyGamingPH
  • The Illuminiggaz
  • Ucop Dubsmash
  • Cerbona Gaming
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