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Lupon Ragnarok Online is a community of RO gamers from the Lupon ng WomboXCombo. It aims to provide the competitive gaming experience for players through a Pre-Renewal Ragnarok Server focused on PVP-BG and GVG with tons of quests for everyone to enjoy.
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GM Tyrael

War of Emperium Schedule

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The war is already here! Prepare your guild, call your bannermen, stock up your supplies! The War of Emperium is already here and here is the schedule of the castle wars.

 Day Mode 10:00AM-11:00AM  9:00PM-10:00PM 9:00PM-11:00PM
Tuesday  FE     prtg_cas03  
Wednesday  1st Job FE     prtg_cas01  
Thursday  FE    gefg_cas03  
Friday  SE      arug_cas01
Saturday  SE      schg_cas02
Sunday  Semi-Classic SE      schg_cas03

Guild Registration Process (Currently Disabled)

For a guild to join the War of Emperium, the guild master must register his/her own guild.

1. Go to Guild Registration NPC in Prontera
2. Requirements

  • At least level 20
  • 1 Emperium
  • 10,000,000z


Why Register?

Only registered guild can enter War of Emperium castles. All unregistered guild will be automatically kicked upon entering the castles. This is to prevent smurf guild that only PK player without any intention on participating in the War of Emperium.

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