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Lupon Ragnarok Online is a community of RO gamers from the Lupon ng WomboXCombo. It aims to provide the competitive gaming experience for players through a Pre-Renewal Ragnarok Server focused on PVP-BG and GVG with tons of quests for everyone to enjoy.
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GM Tyrael

Server Migration Update

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In line with our preparation for the upcoming launch of the War of Emperium in our server, we are happy to announce that we are taking steps towards lagless server! As of the moment, the server is ready for migration to our new host.

Just to give you perspective, currently, we are hosted in a shared node, meaning, other's VPS is in the same cloud services that may be causing lag to our server during peak hours. Our current server specification can easily handle 1,200++ players concurrently, however due to our server being in a shared node, we are having lag spikes.

So what we are going to do next is that we are going to migrate our server to a dedicated one, meaning, we don't have to share the VPS with other users. This makes the server run faster! We also purchased an 8GB RAM, 4VCPUS, 50GB SSD STORAGE VPS services to cater to our server needs.

As for the upcoming War of Emperium, Guild Leaders may now start registering your guilds to our Guild Registration NPC in Prontera. This is to eliminate smurf guild that participates in WoE with the only purpose of PK.

Good day, and have a Blessed Sunday!

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